Starting a new business is not easy. It will involve careful planning, marketing, and also building an online presence. Once you were able to establish your name in a physical setting, you will need to find a way to reach more clients or consumers to learn more about the product or services that you’re offering. Everyone has a different behaviour when it comes to looking for a place where to buy their needs.

Why Start Your Online Presence?

Starting your online presence doesn’t work overnight. You have to start as early as possible in order for your business to be known. Having an online presence is a low-cost way that will help you get a great potential for bigger sales and also promote loyalty for existing and new clients.

Here's Why You Has to Start Your Online Presence:

  • Secure Your Current Consumers Even Further

The statistic of new online businesses that are up and running these few months shows that there are a total of 1.8 billion people are shopping online. 63% of shopping begins online. Some prefer to shop on mobile which is 50% more compared to shopping in the physical store. The global e-commerce is expected to rise up to $4.8 trillion by 2021.

  • They Still Want to Buy from You, But They Cant Walk/Drive to You

Especially from the next couple of months when the lockdown happens. But you can go to them, your products and services can reach them by offering a delivery service. This is the best way that you can still make your sales instead of just waiting in your shop for the consumers to go to you. The convenience that you can provide to your clients alone will make them your loyal customers for a long time.

  • Get New Consumers / New Customers / New Fans / New Followers

An online presence can help you to get new consumers to buy from you since they can see you online. You can gain new customers, new fans and new followers by just having your own business website and also being present in social media. Almost everybody with access to the internet has the potential to see your online shop so even if they are not yet ready to buy, they can follow you for their future needs.

  • Everyone is On the Internet, Buying/Browsing/Scrolling

This is a fact. Everyone right now is on the internet. You need to take advantage of these moments where everybody is browsing and scrolling for something to buy. Most of the times, people are just bored but they still buy something even if they don’t have a need. Your online presence can create a need for them and make them buy from you.

  • You Get Them Now, You Secure Them Later

Even if some people don’t buy right away when they see your business while they’re browsing you already get their attention. They can follow your business and when the need arises or if their budget allows it, they will surely get back and buy from you. Seeing your business online will remind them of the item that they like from your website and ends up shopping from your website.

With all this, Grand Connections has the capabilities to increase the effectiveness of your marketing dollar.

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