The Differences Of Marketing And Advertising

The Differences Of Marketing And Advertising The concepts of marketing and advertising are often combined and used as synonyms. But this is not the same thing. If you want to use each industry to the full, it’s worthwhile to figure out how they differ and how to effectively use each tool in practice. Advertising and […]

How O2O Marketing Helps To Become Closer To Users

How O2O Marketing Helps To Become Closer To Users The online-to-offline trading format allows non-network business representatives to become closer to consumers. “Online-offline” marketing (O2O) is an innovative form of trading or business strategy, which is aimed at attracting potential customers to traditional stores from the Internet. This format combines virtual and physical markets. Non-profit […]

Tik Tok: The Next Race

Tik Tok: The Next Race The fortune of TikTok, the eagerly popular video-sharing app, has involved plenty of plot twists since President Donald Trump signed an executive order in late August that promised to effectively ban TikTok from doing business in the US over national security concerns-unless the Chinese-owned app sold its US operations to […]

Internet Marketing: Tips.

Internet Marketing: Tips. Internet marketing (IM) is a separate science. The activities of marketers on the Web are different from the activities of marketers in offline space. In addition to traditional methods and tools used offline, IM has its own unique methods of promotion and sales. These include: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – search engine optimization […]

Marketing? Is it really needed?

Marketing? Is it really needed? Marketing Basics Marketing is a set of processes aimed at creating, promoting and delivering a product to customers, as well as managing relationships with them. Translated from English, marketing is a market activity. That is, marketing is the company’s activity in satisfying market needs. The main task is to make […]

Why Strengthen Your Online Presence?

WHY STRENGTHEN YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE? Starting a new business is not easy. It will involve careful planning, marketing, and also building an online presence. Once you were able to establish your name in a physical setting, you will need to find a way to reach more clients or consumers to learn more about the product […]